Walls, Ring Beams, Bees, Weeds and Gin

Not blogged in ages, which is basically about being psychologically unable to handle more than pushing forward with the build on a daily basis. Sorry. Had hoped to be properly documenting all events and feelings as I went along, but it’s not going to happen.


Three of my builder-saviour-friends were on site at once the other day.


Ben and Helene made time before they left to help with the finishing of the annex walls and ring beam, and then the compression.


Ben contorted himself into a tiny space in order to stick the ring beam together.


Helene was master of the white nylon strap tightener-thingy.


Rob and Nicola came over and helped with gardeny  stuff, which needed doing, although it never makes it to the top of my to-do list these days. But they also helped get the digger up from the lower level to the upper level where it can be sold without having to worry how to get it out.


Wildlife identification quiz, please submit answers to my email address.


This one we identified, as a wasp nest. Probably hibernating wasp I guess?


We had to prevent a swarm, so Nic and Rob helped make frames.


Anna and I suited up.


And we did the scariest bee stuff ever. Couldn’t find the queen so we dumped them ALL out onto a board which led up to an empty chamber with a queen excluder over it to isolate her. They didn’t like it much. I had to walk away several times to stop panicking.


Meanwhile Nic and Rob did some much needed and much appreciated remedial work on the supposed flower beds. We’ll have to find some replacement flowers to put in, as they’d all been killed off by weeds.


They stayed in the Wendy House in bluebell season, which I’ve not managed to do yet. Meant to. Next year.


This is what it looks like here now.


We walked downtown and there was a market on and we bought strawberries at it. Which we cut up and covered in gin. Total favourite, can’t wait. Must wait, because it’s better the longer you leave it.


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