Bob and Rafters

Bob came for the weekend, and as promised, he set up systems to keep us from tipping headfirst into the void and ending up dead on the concrete below. Thanks Bob. (And Rob for the additional kit lent)


Having laid the last bit of floor at the top level, we set about scribing the principle rafters.


Anna fearlessly climbed out onto the top purlin and she and Bob (both well strapped in) set about marking the position of the necessary notches.


We did this on a piece of common rafter, which was much lighter and more manageable.


Having marked all four corners, we transferred the lines onto the real rafters, cut the notches into one and hauled it up to test it.


Sadly, the top notch was about 50cm out. My bad scribing was to blame, as I’d mistaken a reference mark for the real thing. Never mind. Glued the missing bit back in and added another notch in the right place.


Which turned out not to be exactly the right place after all, so we took it down, fettled it a bit and put it back. At which point it fit adequately. The second one went marginally better, so we slid those two out into approximate place in order to scribe the top joint.

Then we called it a day because the storm that crippled the east coast of North America is on its way here. No work for the next couple of days.


But it’s amazing how different (and how much bigger) it looks now that you can see the roof line.

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