Music and other progress

Alec’s birthday party has been charming (if small and rainy) and we are all so stuffed with cake that we can hardly move. Making it all the more remarkable that Alec and Elmo are up on the top of the wall scraping off layers of soil to aid the soon-to-be-attempted removal of the buildings down the hill without the aid of technology more sophisticated than poles and ropes.

We need to find a couple of poles that will take the weight, but Barbara reckons putting a ramp from the (lowered) top of the wall to the ground in front of the marquee and using the willow tree at the top as a rope-stop will work. I’m skeptical and at this point, I’d rather dismantle them and bring them down bit by bit, because I know how to do that (roughly) and can’t think of too many things that could go catastrophically wrong. At any rate, one thing or the other will happen this Wednesday, which means thereafter we can be making positive progress on getting the thing rebuilt.

If the building regs approval happens, that is. But the application is in, so there’s nothing else we can do about that besides wait.

In the meantime, as the title implies, we now have music on site, for at least ten minutes a day, as I’ve invested in a new melodeon, which is both shiny and blue and the most wonderful object imaginable. I am reinspired to practice a lot and become worthy of such a nice instrument. Other people on site might not be as keen when they hear me practice, but I’m trying to keep mainly to tunes I know so as to minimise the torture.

I’ll put up some pictures when I’ve got a computer that’s plugged into something and access to all the photos on my phone (which won’t talk to my laptop).

And do come along on Wednesday if you’re available, we could use as many people around as we can get.

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