Another Week

Had a week of just me and Craig on site, went pretty well, and was generally chilled and relaxing while still reasonably productive.

Then on Thursday night we welcomed a new recruit, Helene, who is Danish (aebleskiver! hooray!) and speaks with a lovely Irish accent. She is a delightful addition to the team.


Anna’s auntie and her friend came to visit on Saturday, and were very complimentary about the site, which is always lovely. They were delightful company and I hope they come again soon.


Back to work, we are fast-tracking Helene with the tools and techniques to get us on our way with the woodworking. She is taking to it all really well, though she is a bit like me in expecting herself to get it all, immediately, and gets frustrated when it doesn’t go perfectly.


But she’s really done wonders already, so I have no doubt she’ll be right in the swing by the end of the week.


And at the earliest opportunity I will make some aebleskiver. Go look it up if you’re not Danish.

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