Pared Down Team

End of a very significant weekend, with the larger part of the team leaving, and Anna’s parents visit over, we are left with just me, Ruth, Craig and Charles to finish the cutting.


We had a nice weekend with Anna’s parents, and all went on a walk on Sunday.


The glorious weather kept up as we entered our first work week with the pared down team.


Ruth got lots of circular saw time cutting the rest of the braces to the template shape.



We’re nearly done with one section of the back wall.


Craig spent ages whittling down the new podging pins with the angle grinder. They seem to do the job perfectly well.


Jack drops by to check on our progress every now and again.


Artsy picture of the week. Chiseling is probably my favourite part of the job.


And finally, on our walk this weekend we spotted a cheap and quick alternative to the green roof. Certainly lighter than the real thing, and quick to install.

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