Leaving Party and Weekend Guests

Friday was the last day of the professionals on site. By the end of the day we’d finished about half of the joints in the building, which is amazing progress.


But now we’re going to be on our own, a much pared-down team of four rather than up to ten at a time, and we will rely heavily on Craig’s knowledge and experience.



I’ve now been promoted to one of the site’s heavy-lifting-crew, which has its good points and bad points…


Last thing on Friday we laid out the back wall, right across the slab, full width, and started laying on the top plate and scribing it, without any help from the pros. I think we’ve more or less got it. But I’m very, very grateful for Craig.


We finished the day with a campfire and a meat-fest, which Charles said made up for all the vegetarian food he’d ever eaten in his life.


It was a lovely opportunity to thank everyone who was leaving for their contribution so far.


I really enjoyed working with such a full team of excited, motivated, skilled people, but I have to admit I am looking forward to the slightly quieter, slower pace of working on our own, having to feed 5 rather than 10 every night, and hopefully not going to the builders’ merchant every &*$%&$ day for whatever tool or material we have run out of.


Anna’s parents came for a visit this weekend as well, so they got to enjoy the leaving party.


And then we spent yesterday doing lovely, relaxing, touristy things in Haworth and Hebden Bridge.


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