Ring Beam

The ring beam has been completed now.

the perimeter

One of the jobs I was given was to remove the bits of wood from the edges. Sounded easy.

pulling out the 2x6

The bit they didn’t mention was that they’d packed them in there with brick and stone and clay, and then slopped concrete over the side which needed to be broken up and removed before there was any hope of “just knocking the wood away”. It took most of the day. Sigh.

But progress is progress, and the insulation is stacked at the top of the drive ready to go in beneath the slab. What a lot of concrete. I wish it hadn’t happened this way, but there’s just such a colossal volume of stuff to learn and know before you build a house, and in the end, the foundations just had to be done in the conventional way because I left it too late and didn’t have the brain-space to figure out the alternatives. Shit happens when you build a house from scratch with no experience.

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