Everything Starts Up Again (Whew!)

Thank God for New Year’s weekend, which was luxuriously relaxing, with good company and excellent food, and kept my mind from running in maddening circles over this land. And then thank God for Tuesday morning and everyone who went back to work! Six emails have already come and go on the subject this morning, and I’ve got an appointment with Barbara to talk about my drawings and get some sort of cost estimates done, which should help reassure the lender, which should help move things along. She mentioned that there was a sold sign on the land when she walked past it this morning. A cold hand gripped my heart as I wondered for a paranoid moment whether they’d sold it out from under me due to all this faffing, but then I realised that, as far as I know, the vendor doesn’t actually know anything about all this faffing yet. I told it all to my solicitor in an email between Christmas and New Year, but I haven’t heard back from her, so am assuming she’s been away from her desk like the rest of everyone until today. So I am still hoping that I will be able to tell the vendor, in the same breath with which I tell him I lost the initial offer of a mortgage, that I’ve sorted it all out and here’s your cheque, sir, pleasure doing business with you.

Oh! A seventh email, from the mortgage arranger, saying that if Barbara says it’ll work there should be no further issues.

It is a full time battle not letting my hopes soar so high they’ll crush me completely if they once more fall.

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