Sun, Bees, Mud, Rain and Electricity Pipes

It started out a lovely, sunny Sunday. Nicola and Rob came over, as did Rich for his first viewing of the land. We did some huge stone moving (hey, no injured fingers! I’m getting better at this!) and some ditch digging for the electric cable pipe to be embedded under the foundation slab, finished up the interior of the Wendy House, Anna evicted some bees (as you do)…

Bees being evicted

Actually, the bit about the bees was interesting. The one hive is absolutely thriving, though not putting by any honey because it’s a rubbish year. Never mind, they’ll be strong going into winter. But the other hive was really struggling and we couldn’t see a queen, or any evidence of the existence of a queen, the last several times we inspected. So they were basically done-for. But the guy who sold them to us is going to replace them, and he said to dump them out near the entrance of the other hive, with a board to climb up to get in the door, and they would likely mostly be accepted into the other hive. Then we can clean out the dead hive and get it ready for the new nucleus.

bees entering the hive

Anyway, after we’d done all the work and were having a tea (ok, gin) break, it started to absolutely pour down. The picture above really doesn’t do it justice. It was biblical. So we continued to sample the gins and played a bit of Quiddler and knocked off work for the rest of the day. Which was fine because we’d got everything done for once!

massive rainstorm

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