Mud and some Flowers

flat site

Ok, so here is the flattened build site. Looks lovely and tidy.

Steven in the machine

Until they start digging it up. Then it looks a scary mess. But Steven is an artist with a digger.

in the trench

The trench is dug out until we find solid ground.

a bit of ring beam

And the ring beam is filled with concrete. I didn’t want to use concrete, but I didn’t get my sh*t together and learn about the alternatives in time to sort it out properly. Everything takes twice as long as you think, even when you are not in the middle of other kinds of chaos at the same time. Prospective self-builders take note.


Anyway, I went to see Debbie in Harrogate to get away from it all, and we visited an RHS garden where I got lots of inspiration for the site when we are no longer building and can concentrate on gardening.


Woven willow when it gets a bit more mature… I so very want this.


And a lovely wildflower meadow. I’m having this next summer. The bees will love it.

Anna stung by bees

Just like they love Anna. One got in her bonnet (not kidding) and stung her on the face. And when one stings, it releases a pheromone that tells the others to go into attack mode. It was pretty intense. But only two stings in the end, and good news! She’s not deathly allergic! Having never been stung, she wasn’t sure.

bed in the wendy house

And finally, I’m building the beds in the wendy house. Sort of kind of maybe on track to welcome all these builder-people in September… with a fair wind.

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