Hacking Back the Jungle

Had a nice and productive weekend with a few people over helping out. Anna did her weekly inspection of the bees with the help of Alice. Not looking too good, actually. One hive has tried to supersede its queen, we can’t tell with what success yet, aside from that it doesn’t look any healthier every time we look in. The other hive is trying to supersede as we speak. Hopefully they’ll have better luck, though it’s not ideal that they are doing it in the first place. Still, as Anna says, if our bees survive their first winter, it will have to count as a success.

inspecting the bees

Anna’s cousin Alison came round and did a marvellous job of hacking back the overgrown summer kitchen. The very pungent pink and orange rose in there is doing alarmingly well.

pretty flowers

The blooms start out quite bright pink and then fade to a peachy orange as they open.

pink and orange rose

It’s looking much better for not being totally overgrown by the clematis montana.

summer kitchen

On Saturday evening, having noted the prevalence of blue blue bird poo everywhere, reasoned that it was time to walk up and check the progress of the bilberry patch, finding it in decent health, which meant breakfast on Sunday morning was bilberry pancakes.

bilberry picking

The best patch was below the stones at the top of the golf course. You can just see me and Sal in the bushes below, picking all we could reach.

on the cliff

Thanks to everyone’s efforts, the place is looking much more manageable and tidy, which makes it feel like a nicer workplace for me as I start researching and buying power tools…

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