Here are some pictures from Italy, where I spend the last few days of my gloriously work-free last 3 weeks.

Me and Anna at the Vatican:

the vatican

Me and Anna at the Pantheon:

the pantheon

Me standing in a fountain. It was so  cold it actually hurt my ankles, which was awesome.

standing in a fountain

Anna drinking from the same fountain. The standing in bit was below. She didn’t stand in it, she is too civilised for that.

drinking from a fountain

We ate a lot of really good food. The Italians are pretty good at food.


This meal was on a terrace by the sea, with beach umbrellas closed up for the night and a beautiful sunset.

sunset on the beach

And afterwards we ate ice cream. There was a lot of amazing ice cream.

eating ice cream

Apparently Italian cats also sit in boxes.

cat in a box

We visited the etruscan tombs at Cerveteri, a short bus ride north of the town where we were staying. We left before 7 am but it was still stiflingly hot on the walk there.

anna descending into a tomb

But it was cooler in the tombs.

anna standing outside a tomb

And at least it was forested and shady.

tomb cat

And they were kind enough to supply a cat at the cafe. Good place.

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