New Shed and Bees

Christopher’s  work weekend turned out pretty good. Could have been a little warmer and sunnier, but we sure got a lot done. We finally moved the “dance floor” which was built originally to be the floor of a basic outdoor kitchen before we knew we were building the cabin, and ever since has stood in various spots simply being a small square of floor.

The dance floor becomes the sleeping pod floor

It’s now in place on the frame that Bob and I built and ready to receive the rest of the sleeping pod I intend to build on it.

the sleeping pod floor

Although I had various other gardening and constructions jobs in mind, when Antony texted that he was ready to be rid of his site office (formerly a sauna shed) I jumped at the opportunity of getting that set up with my weekend workforce.

the site of the sleeping shed

I’d cleared the site of the former garage (long gone by the time we moved in) which was very handily already flat, level and about the right size.

the shed roof coming off

Antony used his digger arm to remove the roof and cart the bits over to my side of the fence. The floor was moved in pieces and reassembled on the new site.

the floor of the sleeping shed

Luckily it’s a bit of a flat-pack job and it just needed to be bolted together.


And it turns out any idiot can bolt together a few walls.

four wall sections up

But we let the skilled guy with the digger put the roof back on while we looked on in awe.

watching antony work

The roof was pretty knackered, so we went out for a bit of plywood and some roofing felt and got to work putting another roof on top of the old one.

the roofing team

And at the end of it we had a mucky hand contest, which Jen won resoundingly.

the roofing team's hands

And then we did a little victory dance for having dismantled and re-mantled a whole building in a weekend. It’ll make a lovely little warm sleeping hut for the house-building volunteers this winter. And then it will go peacefully to its death, having served no less than three purposes and been recycled twice. It is truly on its last legs, but I think it will see us through the winter.

the finished shed

Meanwhile, Anna has finished her beekeeping course, and I accompanied her on the practical session where she got to help inspect a living hive.

Anna watching bee things happen

And it sure was living. I stood at a safe distance, but they still took quite a lively interest in me at a few points.

bees on a frame

The hive looked lively and healthy, so at least we know what we should aspire to as beekeepers. Our new bees are going to arrive in the next couple of weeks, which we’re excited about, and hopefully Anna pretty much knows what to do with them when they arrive.

Anna burning bees wax

All the old honeycomb from last year’s dead squatter bees got thrown on the fire, which made quite a cheerful blaze.

a well earned dinner

And of course, we celebrated it all with a delicious tagine made by Anna.

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