It’s Pretty Awesome Having Volunteers

We’ve cruised through so many gardening tasks in the last few days. It’s amazing having two really good, motivated, hard-working volunteers on site.

gardening slaves

The vegetable patch, which will be half vegetables, half flowers this year, is two thirds dug over already. I thought it would take days.

the beautiful bathtub garden

The two reclaimed bathtubs are in place, and planted up, and will be amazing when they start filling out and spilling over the sides, and when I’ve found a volunteer who can build dry stone wall around the base of them.

the wall top garden

And the bit at the top of the wall has become a lovely garden in waiting… waiting for some warm weather to make it all grow a bit bigger. I have no idea whether any of it will flourish in the conditions I put it in, but I guess you have to try.

the bluebell wood in full blue

The bluebell wood is in full blue bloom. Best season for a swing on the rope swing.

amazing seared chicken with buerre blanc and purple sprouting broccoli

But the best thing to happen all week was this seared chicken with buerre blanc and roasted pepper sauce, plus potato croquettes and purple sprouting broccoli. Kim, one of our volunteers is a chef. This is amazing. I need to recruit more chefs as volunteers.

Kim the chef

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