More Sawhorses!

We decided it’s a team of sawhorses if they’re doing work and a herd if they’re just standing around. Anyway, we now have four, and they stack beautifully. I’ll make another two, I reckon, and that’ll make a proper herd.

a team of sawhorses

Ian was pretty pleased with them, and rightly so.

Sarah-May made a saw-pony out of smaller bits, so it wouldn’t take too much space up on her boat. She’s gone back home now, which is a shame, it was lovely having her around.

Sarah-May's saw pony

rearranging stuff in the workshop

I also managed to fit some of the metal drawer units under the worktop, so we can start making a proper job of organising stuff in the shed, which will free up space to build stuff with some of that reclaimed wood, which will make room for actually moving around freely up there, rather than having to step over and around piles of stuff.

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