Snow and Sawhorses

the snow

Well, it’s been a surprisingly productive week, considering the weather. Sarah-May’s been here a lot, as she had an attack of iritis, had to dilate her eyes with drops, was therefore banned from driving and needed to stay in Tod, so we have had the pleasure of her company for much of the week.

When it snowed 6 inches a day or two ago, we decided to go buy two snow shovels and clear the steep bit of the road, which I’d slid down in a rather scary half-controlled skid a few days before. So we were shovelling away, and a guy walked up the hill and asked if we’d like help, so we said yes, and in return we took him home and gave him sticky toffee pudding. He turns out to be a new neighbour, been here a couple of months, and also turns out to be a quick study with the woodworking tools and keen to help us make stuff.

Ian and his first sawhorse

Here he is with the log sawhorse he built himself after we’d built the first one together. Then he and Sarah May went on to build a slightly sturdier, if less foldy-flat, version, as seen below, which we are going to build at least 6 of and they can stack out of the way until we need them. It was really good to just be working outdoors, getting lots done and not having to do it myself. I just pottered about organising the workshed a bit better.

a herd, or team, of sawhorses

Is the collective noun for sawhorses a herd or a team? We couldn’t decide.

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