Scotland Trip and Adding a Step

I took myself up to the Highlands to visit Jim, our friend who built a natural home very much in the style we are building. In fact, why be coy? We designed much of ours based on his. It’s beautiful and the people who built are beautiful and it was an all-round theraputic trip. Although eight hours of driving in one day was enough, thank you.

While I was there we went for a walk on the beach and came across a sedum roofed public toilet. Green roof turns up everywhere these days!

a sedum roof

And of course we had the traditional cafe stop. The scones were amazing.

tea and scones

And having come home, although I’m feeling more like sleeping all day than working, Anna and I bestirred ourselves to do a small job. Anna shoveled all the smuck off the surface of the sodden ground while I sourced some stones, and we built a new step and a gravel path up to it.

the new step

It should discourage the waterfall we sometimes end up with on the steps when it rains a lot all at once. And it means we can walk on gravel rather than sludge on our way to the car! And as one last bonus, it emptied the ugly yellow sack of gravel that was looking untidy at the top of the drive. Not that it looks anything approaching tidy yet…

the new path

And last but never, ever least – the food shot: Anna’s amazing lasagne.

Anna's amazing lasagne

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