A Beautiful Winter’s Day

Anna and I went for a walk this morning from Hebden up to Heptonstall, which is basically up a cliff and then down the other side. It was lovely and sunny and very theraputic.

me on a walk

In Heptonstall we saw this extremely cheerful Volkswagen bus. I’m sharing it for no other reason than that it’s cheerful and I thought my dad might appreciate it.

rainbow bus

Here’s a photo (not a very good one, sorry) of the ceiling paper I’ve been putting up. Pages from the Girls’ Own Paper of about 1886. Fabulous reading. I hope I have enough to do the whole ceiling.

ceiling paper

I’ve got a lot else to be going on with, since my second planning application has been sent to committee. I need to tick all the boxes and get foundations in for the existing permission by the end of February so as not to lose permission altogether. So there’s a lot of work to be done, if anyone fancies dropping by to help!

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