17 June

So here’s what we’ve been up to:

the front garden

The front garden is looking more and more like a garden.

sweet peas

The sweet peas are smelling sweet, as they were intended to do.

caravan garden

The plants in the caravan planters are hesitant to put on weight, but then they’re quite new still. There are flowers on the tomato plants.

Rose Albertine

The Albertine rose is in its first full on flowering. I hope it lasts a long time.

path to the sleeping pod

The sleeping pod, which is Alec’s bed for tonight, since his caravan is full of volunteers from abroad, has a path and some steps.

front door of sleeping pod

And a front door made from the front of a knackered tent Antony gave us.


The blueberry crop is looking very promising.

watering the garden

Lea’s giving the garden a good watering as I write. Some things are thriving and some things are looking a little sorry for themselves. That’s gardening, I guess.

building the stone wall

And, excitingly, progress is being made on the curved wall of the drive. Gerhard, the German volunteer, is doing a great job with it.

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