13 June 2014

I am giving up trying to think of entry titles every time I write. They tent to be meaningless anyway.

Chimelle and Thomas de-nailing wood

Chimelle and Thomas from France are helping to de-nail all the wood from Antony’s house. It’s a huge job.

The new wood storage place

All week they’ve been removing the plants and soil from a place to store the wood as it gets de-nailed and before it becomes buildings.

the bed undergoing first testing

I bought some (noticeably) clean and lovely new wood (with Neighbour Sylvia’s money) to build a bed/seat for her new camping van. I designed it myself, and therefore had to redesign it 10 times as I went along and realised part A patently got in the way of part B during use.

the bed in the van

But it worked really well in the end. When extended it’s 6 feet long.

the bed as a seat

When compressed, it’s about half that, only takes up half of the van and is good for sitting on. Obviously there are cushions involved!

Sylvia enjoying her new bed


Sylvia was really happy with it. She’s not had the best of times lately, so I’m glad I could do something nice for her and Jane.


attempting to propagate weilegia

And me and my seriously amateur gardening skills are trying to do green wood cuttings of weigela (which apparently hasn’t got a common name. What a shame.)

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