Work! Real Work!

Sawing the siding

Yeah, check me out, doing proper work. I threw together the sleeping pod in time for the weekend of Elmo’s birthday (which is always an inundation of guests.)

One wall completed

The frame is made of roof trusses and rafters. The floor and siding are floorboards.

the sleeping pod

The roof was hastily thrown on in time for Ryan to sleep in it without it even havingĀ  back yet. He was very keen. There were also old nail holes in the roof, but luckily it didn’t rain.

Antony flattenng the drive

Antony came down with his (probably imminently dying) digger and flattened a new place for the caravans to go.

row of bums

And a big team of people stopped them rolling down the hill too fast…

moving the caravan

and then pushed them into place against the back wall.

Lucy washing the caravan

Lucy gave them a bit of a wash. Long overdue. Embarrassingly overdue.

the new home of the caravans

And Rob and Christopher built some planting boxes so we can grow some pretty climbing plants over them.

Jack in the box

Meanwhile Jack took up residence in the beehives.

the path along the wall

Elmo unearthed the path along the back wall in order to route the electricity to the caravans.

Kate at her best

Kate and Mary added the rest of the sticks to the walls of the summer kitchen for the climbers to climb up.

Steven and Hazel and the water lamps

Hazel and steven installed some water lamps in the workshop. It involved cutting a hole, filing off all the sharp bits, sticking a bottle filled with water and bleach through it and sealing it with silicone. The board is just there to hold it in place while it cures. It doesn’t make a huge difference at the moment, but when I enclose the back of the workshop, I think it will lift the gloom a bit.

Hazel sweeping the roof

Hazel went on to sweep the roof and seal up all the nail holes with the rest of the silicone. She also did the sleeping pod, so hopefully the bed won’t get too wet tonight in the rain.

Our beautiful land

We had slightly too many people to seat them all comfortably in the summer kitchen, but it was fun trying to cram them all in.

Lucy the circus performer

Lucy kept us amused with a routine involving the big cable spool.

Anna on the swing

Anna built a jumping-off platform for the rope swing, which is pretty exciting now.

me on the rope swing

The extra couple of feet makes all the difference.

Anna's beer bottle lanterns

We finally made hanging lanterns out of the beer bottles Anna brought back from America.

Bilberry and rhubarb pie

And I made a pie.

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