Rainy Day Activities

Now that we have a roofed working area, it doesn’t matter if it chucks it down all day.

Anna working on the floor

We can still build a beautiful floor for the new sleeping pod, which will have walls that were recently roof trusses in Antony’s house.

The finished floor

The floor looked lovely when we finished it, so we went in for a cup of tea, at which point the heavens seriously opened and we found out that there are several holes in the roof that definitely do drip if it rains hard enough.

Me sawing off the excess

So we stuck a bit of blue-tack in them and got on with cutting up the roof trusses.

Me admiring the finished wall frame

By day’s end we had one of them just about done… hopefully the next one will go a bit faster. We’ve got enough roof sections to roof it (and hopefully not need to plug a lot of holes with blue-tack) and if we are lucky, we may test it out on Tuesday night.

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