Lovely, Productive Days

Once again, it is very clear that I am a fair weather builder. A week’s rain is a week’s laziness, but when it goes all sunny and nice, I’m quite up for long days of work.

And it’s just beginning to dawn on me what a good stroke of luck is occurring: my neighbour Antony is demolishing his house, quite carefully, bit by bit, and donating most of it to me. I’m rolling in building materials like Miley Cyrus. Only with more sensible clothes. And a lot more of them. And I don’t lick my tools. Ok, so not at all like Miley Cyrus, but anyway, I have SO MUCH good quality reclaimed wood, roofing materials, insulation, etc that I’m going to be building awesome stuff all summer. And that means storage space!


Elmo’s parents had a few extra sweet peas and also kindly let me dig a bunch of stuff out of their garden, so my shade garden along the front of the porch is now packed with stuff that will either thrive or it won’t, which is how I garden.

Anna planting potatoes

Anna, ever-sensible, finally orchestrated my busy mind to go get more tyres, so we have earthed up the potatoes in time for it to have been worth doing.

thriving blueberries

The blueberries are absolutely thriving, and I can’t wait for pie.

breaking glass

Sarah-May came for a lovely day of tea-drinking and gossip, followed by therapy in the form of glass-breaking. I’ve given up on finding a use for all this ex-greenhouse glass, it’s all going to the tip. It’s a shame, but on the other hand, it’s no longer holding me up.

broken glass

And it makes a very satisfying pastime.

Todmorden Billboard

Ok, so off-topic, but yesterday Elmo and I walked downtown and this party political message from UKIP had been altered Todmorden-style. I love this town.

chicken curry

Anna made some delicious katsu curry with crispy baked chicken. I love other people’s cooking.

Mystery plant

And finally, prizes available for anyone who can identify this week’s mystery plant. The flowers are about upside-down snowdrop sized, and I found it occupying the shady edge of the drive, coping admirably with the challenging conditions. So I’d like more of them.

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