Successful Work Party no. 1

Anna sorting out the gutters

It was a blessedly gorgeous weekend for working outside, so we got all sorts of stuff done that we’d been planning and (as often happens) got distracted by other stuff we hadn’t even realised we’d needed to do. Anna swept the roof and cleared out the gutter. She also started making a chicken-wire leaf-guard to keep it from getting so blocked as to be useless.



the new door


I had a brainstorm moment when trying to figure out where to store the lovely hardwood exterior door I’d been given (not my taste by looks, but very sturdy and nicely made) when I realised it could, with a few edges sawn off it, make a great end-of-porch door.

Alec building shelves

Alec and I worked on making the storage systems for the back porch, aiming to have everyday and nearly every day stuff nearest the door and cold storage toward the more awkward middle.

Alec looking butch

Actually, Alec was only holding a mattock to measure something on the back porch against its height, but we thought he looked rather manful so we took a picture.


The Head Gardener

Lizzy got a whole vegetable garden well underway. All we’ve got to do is water it. Hooray!

Elmo digging in the garden

Elmo worked dutifully to keep de-weeding the rest of the veg plot, which is full of all sorts of horrible, well-established weeds.


making the cake

Me,  I made a cake. On our trip to America we’d bought Lucky Charms, thinking there was no breakfast cereal too sweet for Anna, but in the end we had to pick out the marshmallows to make it palatable, so I kept them and made this cake with them.

roasting the chicken

And roasted a chicken by dangling it from a string and spinning it by the fire for an hour and a half.


carving the chicken

It was amazing. Beautifully tender and delicious. I am SO going to do that again.

the awesome cake


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