Cats and Chickens

Jack and Lily

Well, it seems to be going well, so I think we can now start considering Jack our cat. Lily tolerates him a lot better than she did Balthazar, and he’s mature enough not to go looking for trouble with her. He’s a sweetie, and although he still spends a lot of time away (mousing? Hanging out on Antony’s kitchen window sill asking to be let in? Who knows…) he seems at home when he’s here. And he eats like a horse.

Grace painting the chicken house

Today I hurriedly painted the chicken house, just because I wanted to see it done and all pretty. I am so looking forward to spring and lots of flowers and lovely grass and sunny days and outdoor work.

Anna planting potatoes

Elmo cleared some space and we laid out the tyre garden for the potatoes, which had been chitting for a month. Anna filled them with soil and compost and we planted three in each tyre. Maris Pipers and King Edwards, not that I think I would know the difference. Some people take potatoes so seriously. I just keep an eye for the first signs of blight and chop them down.

the nearly finished chicken house

Grass wants cutting, driveway wants finishing, top deck wants clearing, vegetable bed still full of perennial weeds… but spring is in the air and it’s lovely to live here.

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