Big Machines

the big machine

Awoke relatively early (for me) and got to work moving stuff out of the way of destruction. Constructive destruction, that is. Lifted the flagstone path and carted away the large wall stones we’d removed.

moving the wall stones

Meanwhile Antony and his big machines did what they do best and made further progress on my driveway.

flattening the drive

It’s scary watching bits of wall broken down, knowing nothing about stonework and not knowing how they’re going to be made right again, but Antony assures me it can be done!

knocking the wall down

It certainly is gratifying watching a giant machine do in a minute what it would take me a day to do, if I could do it at all.

dumping stones

In thanks, I made him a pie, though I forgot to put the sugar in it, so I had to do some last minute pie surgery before I put it in the oven. All worked out for the best.

pie surgery

And the last little bit of the story is: seeing as he’s about to knock his house down to rebuild it, he’s looking for someplace to house his cat for a year. So we’re having a trial run. He’s a lovely cat. More on that later, if he stays here for more than a couple of hours.

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