Getting Back On With It

Well, life goes on and luckily spring is here, or at least it was for a couple of days before it left again.

sunny, beautiful day

While it was around, I took the opportunity to take the tarps off all the bits of wood that had been languishing, sodden, all winter. Reclaimed beams and bits of fallen tree, deconstructed picket fences… some of it dried out a bit and I put it in a more permanent home. Some of it I put in a very permanent home indeed, via the fire pit.

musical instruments

Anna brought out her clarinet and we took a few minutes to practice some tunes together.

happy Anna

Anna vastly prefers sunny t-shirt weather to our normal cold drizzle. I agree.

finger cookies

Inevitably, the cloud and chill returned, but no rain as of yet. Lizzy came over for the weekend and we ate good food (including finger cookies, thanks Ma, for teaching me to make pastry, everyone loved them.)

the garden plot

Lizzy, being the head gardener, whupped the garden into shape for planting this season. It seriously, really wouldn’t have got done without her valiant intervention, I don’t think. We planted onions and garlic and prepared space for a bunch of other stuff that we’ll plant later.

sawing the chicken house

Meanwhile (I don’t garden) I got on with making a chicken house out of bits and pieces of reclaimed wood, including some great bits of shed floor(?) Anthony had brought round after dismantling some building or other.

the front of the chicken house

I only walked away from today with the front wall, but I did manage to finish designing the thing, which is really half the battle. Oh and Anna cut the bits for the floor frame, so if I ever see another sunny day on the horizon, I’ll clear my calendar and get this baby done.

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