Winter Is Entirely Too Long Around Here.

I finished making curtain walls for the back porch just in time for the next round of storms and rain. They pretty much kept stuff inside dry, though some sheets blew their stretchy-string corner connections off.

The enclosed back porch

Up the hill neighbour Antony brought  us some goodies, including three enormous mirrors that used to be somebody’s wardrobe doors. They’re about 1m x 2.5 or something ludicrous like that. I don’t even know what I’m going to do with them, but I love them.

large mirrors

The most recent storm brought a power cut, so we got to do an evening’s work by candle light. Not the worst thing if you’re using a computer, as was Anna, but a bit of a pain to do technical drawing by.

the blackout

The wind also took out the outdoor shower, but no damage was really done. We just took the walls off it and tipped it back up.

storm damage

Meanwhile, bulbs are poking their heads up all over, tantalisingly promising spring, but only if you can see past all the buckets and buckets of rain all the time. Sigh.

signs of spring

However, as usual, our spirits are kept quite high by the cuteness of Balthazar.

balthazar doing his job


Balthazar doing his job

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