Delicious Birthday Weekend

This weekend has been my birthday weekend, and it’s been one of the best ever birthday weekends. I’ve been really bad about taking pictures of anything else besides the main event, but here is ONE we managed to get of Anna making my birthday lasagna, which was delicious.

Anna making lasagna

The main event was the unveiling of a Boggart Hall version of a zombie board game (Last Night On Earth) we’ve been playing for a year or two. Anna and I have made it by scanning and re-arranging the original boards to create buildings and landscape features from Boggart Hall, and created character cards for us, Alec, Lizzy, Bob, Lisa and Sam, all stalwart volunteers and fellow zombie players.

Playing Zombies

We packed it all away in the normal game box and casually asked them to unpack it and set it up for a game. It took them a gratifyingly long time to realise what it was and that we’d made it. I have to say I was proud of how well it turned out; it doesn’t look home-made at all.

Discovering Zombies

We use the zombies from the original game, plus a lot of the little tokens, although we also made our own tokens for our own game scenario (Plant The Vegetables During The Zombie Invasion) and we bought little metal figurines to represent all of us.

painting zombies

Earlier today we had a figurine painting party and everybody painted themselves.

The Gang

Anna, the handyman, in wellies and barbour coat:

Hero Anna

Bob, the metal drummer, complete with customary tacky shirt:

Hero Bob

Alec, Bad-Ass:

Hero Alec

Elmo, the efficiency monitor, in sleek black.

Hero Elmo

Sam, the tactician, with briefcase that can hold tools and weapons:

Hero Sam

Grace, site manager, with chainsaw and battle wounds:

Hero Grace

Lisa, cotswold dancer and ceilidh caller… always helpful in a zombie invasion:

Hero Lisa

And Lizzy, headteacher, with morris stick.

Hero Lizzy

And finally, the other highlight of the weekend, my birthday pink wheelbarrow, with matching bouquet of flowers, which Anna gave me. Squeeee!

my birthday wheelbarrow

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