A Back Porch Takes Shape (and kitten news, obvs.)

Grace working on the porch

We finished the floor of the back porch. Anna did most of the framing and I did most of the floorboards, and today I bought the rest of the timber to build the frame and roof, though I need a trip to the builder’s merchant to buy some leaf guards for the gutter before we extend the roof and make it hard to clean. Boy do these very mature trees drop a lot of leaves.

Balthazar on the back porch

Balthazar has started going outside and thinks there’s nothing better in the world than getting in people’s way while they’re building stuff.

Anna sweeping the roof

Anna, Chief Roof-Sweeper, made another assault on the roof, though it was covered in leaves again within seconds. That’s how it is around here in November.

Balthazar the Laid Back

And (hey, non-cat-lovers, I’m so sorry, but the rest of the entry is about the cat) Balthazar the Laid Back is ever amusing and delightful. The above pose looks a bit like just a well timed shot, but actually he stayed that way for ages.

Balthazar discovers fences

Today his adventures included discovering the joy of fences…

Balthazar discovers garden building

…of outdoor structures…

Balthazar dicovers trees


…and of trees. As for the following, I’ll leave you to add your own narrative.

Balthazar sizes up his chances

Balthazar notices the string

Balthazar succeeds in getting the string


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