More Pottery and Kittens

I spent today trimming the bottoms of my bowls and two jugs, and adding fancy bits to the jugs.

pottery shaving

Most of the day was about setting my pieces upside down on the wheel and shaving off quite a lot of their bulk, forming a “foot” in the process. It was quite fun and let me improve the proportions of them, since they were a bit bulky as they were. I only accidentally shaved right through the bottom of one piece, and Heidi helped me repair it.

fancy bits on pottery

I also added handles and decorations to the two jugs. The other one is not as fancy as this one.

I don’t know when the next session will be, depends on when Heidi is available, but there’s only the glaze left to do. I’m so excited to see them finished.

Anyway, more importantly, here’s a video of Balthazar being really cute.

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