Oooooh!! Kittens!!

Well, one kitten. We went to the shelter today and got a friend for Lily.

Balthazar at play

We’ve called him Balthazar (Anna’s idea) and he’s adorable. He’s black at first glance but quite tabby-stripey if you turn him upside down, which he doesn’t mind at all.

Balthazar being loved

We were after a cuddly cat, since Lily is not at all about laps or even curling up next to you or being held for very long at all. He seems to be quite a tart, lapping up all the attention he is offered. Lily is less impressed, predictably, but she’s tolerating him and she’ll come round, I’m sure.

Lizzy and Balthazar

Lizzy, who is suffering from long-term cat withdrawal after the loss of her two cats recently and the non-suitability of her new house for a new cat, has very much taken to him. We are pleased to provide a surrogate cat service.

About to go

Meanwhile, we got the stump out of the hole, with the help of the German volunteers.


We tried to aim it toward the top of the possible landing area, and I’m glad we did because it rolled a long way. If we’d aimed any lower I think it would have taken out the porch supports as well as the flower bed.

having gone

It’s now been rolled over to the fire pit and will form the backdrop of many a lovely fire.

Anyway…   KITTENS!!!

Balthazar asleep

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