I’ve spent the day doing wheel pottery with my friend Heidi at her pottery studio in Derbyshire.

my pots, all ten of them.

I made ten bowls (well, eight bowls and two things that turned out to be better jugs than bowls, which I later fashioned spouts for and will make handles for later.

closeup of two of my pots



Some of it was pretty wonky, but for a first go in 22 years, having only really had a few goes in high school, I was pretty damn smug when I was finished. We’ll see how they are after glazing etc.

Anna's Lasagna


Anna's Lasagna baked

Anna made her special lasagna the other night, which was amazing. Unfortunately the second photo is a bit blurry, but it was worth seeing it in all its glory. Delicious.

Anna and Elmo looking at treasure

Our German volunteers have been working on the driveway, removing stones and topsoil from where we don’t want it. Almost time to call in the machines.

Nora making baskets out of reeds

Nora picked some reeds from the wet bit of the lawn and made a basket. She said they were much better to work with after drying for a day.

Tariq clearing out the back corner

And they’ve all been working hard on the clearing of the back corner of the plot, as well as the turning over of the future vegetable plot.


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