Render, Mosiac, and of course, Food

drilling holes for ventilation

Much been going on. Made another bit of progress across the front wall with the rendering, though I wonder whether I’ll get around to doing the last bit until next year. It’s at least covered by the cupboards full of tools. Here I’m drilling holes for ventilation inside the roof.

mixing render

It’s a good thing lime render gets better with age because I seem to be good at procrastinating.


But it’s nice to have done the awkward bit around the doorframe, and it looks great, although did I get a picture of it finished? Do I ever? I will do at some point.

working on the mosaic

We also got down to work on the mosaics, finally, and it went really well. Frances turned out to be really good at it, so I let her do as much as she liked!

more mosaic

Although I helped a bit.

nearly there

It’s grouted and everything now, but did I take a picture?

the other mosaic

She was enthusiastic enough to cut a bunch of tiles and do a colourful sun motif in the last bit of the wall mosaic.


It looks fantastic and I can’t wait to get it grouted, though it’s going to be back breaking to do. It’ll be well worth it to have it done.

making damson jam

Meanwhile, in food news, we went down to Kent last weekend, and the damson were out in force, so we picked about 5kg of them. I made about 2.5 litres of damson gin and the rest into jam. Elmo also picked two big bags of plums from the allotment, which will mostly be jam though I made a cobbler out of some last night.

breaking into a coconut

And I bought coconuts really cheap, so I’m glad I had google to tell me how to get into them.

sancocho de pollo

Frances cooked last night, a venezuelan dish called sancocho de pollo (basically, chicken soup) with a fresh local chicken, some squash and cassava, sweetcorn, peppers and other wonderful things. Absolutely delicious. She also did fried plantain as a starter. Proper spoiled we were.

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