Pasta and Tiramisu

I mean, other things happened too, but why pretend it’s about anything but the food?

Actually, a lot has been getting done. Francesco is very good at many things, as it turns out. He’s done a stellar job on the final coat of render for (one half of) the front of the building.


The finish is as good as I managed after practicing on the rest of the building. I will make sure to get the stuff moved so he can continue the job.

the finished alcoves

It’s been a bit rainy, which is great for the plants but bad for morale. And bad for my fabric roof when lakes appear, as at left, in the fabric’s low points. Still, it’s nice to have the added living space.

rainy day

The soakaway that Maxime dug was unfortunately being bypassed because the drain we made immediately filled with soil. So Francesco dug it out and made this rather beautiful and perfectly functional drain. Works absolutely perfectly.

drain for the soakaway

And when he was done with his other work, he made us pasta! And a very delicious sauce.

the pasta in question

And then did a bit of posing for the camera. He’s great fun, in addition to being a hard worker.

Francesco enjoying said pasta

There was tiramisu for dessert, which contains coffee, which Elmo isn’t fond of, but when I offered to eat his, he manfully refused all assistance and finished it himself. Brave man.

Elmo and the tiramisu

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