Summer Flowers

Well, we’ll get to the flowers in a minute, because we have actually been working in this heat. Here’s me and Maxime under the house nailing up the new under-floor, having put in the new insulation. Hopefully no more wool moths in the house. I am well tired of finding the little buggers in the kettle in the morning.

re-insulating the bottom of the house

Elmo’s on a low-fibre diet today because he has an ultra-sound scan to see if anything’s wrong with his liver tomorrow. So we had scrambled eggs and smoked salmon on white toast for breakfast, with a lovely view.

my breakfast view out the pergola window

I’d forgotten how much I love smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, though it is a bit rich for a hot morning.

my breakfast

My other big news is that I bought a bike on ebay. I’ve already got a bike, but it’s a mountain bike and even when I didn’t have a bad back I found it uncomfortable to lean forward as much as that, and now it would be impossible. So I got a sit-up-and-beg.

my new bike

Now I just need a wicker basket for the front and some stylish panniers for the back.


For the third time, we appear to have accidentally got some bees in our hive which is not where we want it and probably not set up for optimal bee keeping. Well, the last two times turned out to be a false alarm, perhaps they’ll go this time as well.


The peas are really going for it, hopefully we’ll be eating them soon.

sweet william

Here’s a picture of what I now know is some sweet william, which I don’t remember planting but must have done, as it has come up in some pots with some daisies at the top of the central stone steps. I like it, I think I’ll plant some more.

one of about three plums

And finally, a plum (variety czar) which will hopefully become a lovely pudding soon!

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