Swimming (because it’s really hot)

Bit of a heat wave going on here, very unusual weather for England and I’m loving it (when I’m somewhere near a river or lake)

swimming at slippery stones

Anna, Lizzy and I went swimming this afternoon at Slippery Stones, a spot above the Derwent valley reservoirs, beautiful and popular on a day like today.

picnic after swimming

We had a picnic dinner on the grassy slope next to the swimming hole, though the midges were really very annoying, so we kept it brief.

pumpkins and courgettes

The pumkins and courgettes seem to be still alive, and promising to produce at least some flowers soon. I need to water them tomorrow morning, as I’ve forgotten the last few days and they’re getting a bit dry, what with the 26 degrees.

hanging basket

The hanging baskets have been watered, because I really made the point to Elmo that they needed to be while I was away, but he’s been really busy on the computer with work, so I’ll have to do the rest myself.


Look! Peas! Or I hope they will produce anyway.

the cleared flagstones

We found a lovely paved area at the base of the stone wall on the far side of the central steps, though some of the wall has fallen in and needs to be rebuilt. At some point we will have to use ropes to make a sling to move the stones away so we can dig out behind the wall and rebuild it. That will make a much better storage area than we currently have for things like roof tiles and other rain-insensitive materials.

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