More Happiness

Seriously, this place makes me unbelievably happy. It’s so movingly beautiful here in the sunshine and warmth.

second wall up

Alec and I worked on the second wall of the building while Elmo went to Buxworth to take apart the greenhouse and bring it home.

the view through the two doors to the house

With the second wall up and all the wall tops in place, it looks pretty good. Tomorrow we’ll do the other two walls and possibly the ridgepole, though I might wait til I have some rafters. I’ve got the beginnings of a plan for a removable fabric roof swimming around in my head.

baby montmorency cherry

This year’s Montmorency cherry harvest looks set to beat last year’s (of one) and there are some on the Albalu as well, while last year there were none, presumably because the tree was too new.

baby plum

And the plums seem to have set as well, though the greengage never even blossomed. At least it’s putting out new growth, so maybe next year.

peanut brittle

I made some peanut brittle to celebrate the perfect joy of living here. As if I needed a reason.

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