West Wall

me framing the west wall

Today I framed the west wall of the outdoor kitchen, ready to stand it up and triangulate it to the south and north base plates tomorrow (when, with any luck, the metal bits I’m waiting for will have arrived.)

the west wall framed

It worked exactly as expected (good cutting job, Anna) and I hope to have the rest of it framed and up by the end of the weekend, with any luck. I am very pleased, because that gives me loads of time to do all the other things I’d like to do before the end of the month and the next big party. I might even get around to rendering the front of the house!

Boggart Hall TV

We ate dinner outside today, watching “Boggart Hall TV”. In today’s episode, Lily was swooped upon by a crow and ran for the house as if the devil was after her. And Elmo swore he could see the nettles growing before his eyes. Better strim tomorrow.

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