Planting the Floor

planting alpines between the paving slabs

I got garden fever and went to Gordon Rigg’s to get some little alpines to plant between the paving slabs yesterday. I probably should have waited until the rest of the building was built, but I couldn’t help it, I wanted to do the soft furnishings first.

the plants

This way they’ll hopefully have a bit of time to establish before they get walked on a lot anyway. It’s all low-growing, spreading stuff that will survive a bit of walking on, and anyway, there’s plenty of un-planted area to step on if people pay just a little bit of attention to where their feet are. Which is asking a lot, I realise.

the beautiful corner by the steps

This corner, with my pot of very enthusiastic purple and yellow pansies, as well as the new bleeding hearts I was thrilled to watch survive, is about to become a ver gardened little spot, I think. Michelle added a coreopsis and I’ve just bought a dahlia (I think it was a dahlia, I’m new to this) to add more colour. I love flowers, I can’t wait to cover the entire plot in flowers.

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